Market of Stars Head in the Clouds Jacket

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Size: One size

Dreamy and delightful, our Head in the Clouds design was created using one of our very favourite portraits - "The Painter's Wife" by Jean-Etienne Liotard. Remarkably done in pastel on vellum paper, Liotard depicts his wife Marie Fargues wearing a stunning dress inspired by Turkish textiles. (Don't you just love her outfit?? It's romantic, bohemian, and feminine all at the same time.) We used all pieces of Liotard's work to create this airy design, including the stars on the pillow for the sleeves of the kimono (and the front panel of our Artist Pant), and the Turkish rug for the trim. One of the reasons we love this painting so much is the dreamlike look on Marie's face.

As a nod to this, the words "Head in the clouds, heart in the stars" is written on the wall behind her. The scrolling script was done by Damen Djos, a frequent artistic collaborator here at Market of Stars.

100% bamboo/wood viscose. Machine wash gentle or handwash and hang to dry. Iron to finish if needed.