Just This Oversized Kantha Bae Tunic

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Size: One size

This artwork by Grace Hollowell reads "Just This." This serves as a visual reminder to be present in the moment. The henna-adorned hands feature a nod to Kantha Bae's Founder Krista, as the "Asha" tattoo on the wrist is inspired by Krista's actual tattoo. Asha is a Sanskrit word that means "hope" and so much more. Our India team told us that there are not English words to describe the weight of this word.

Rich washed natural color with a black silk screened design. Made from 100% cotton using eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices and all natural washes.

Raw hems make this pullover fit for a rockstar! This is a light sweatshirt weight. 

Sewn, washed, and printed in the US. Unisex.

One Size Recommended Women's 0-24"