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The third shirt of our launch has been something we’ve had conversations about for months and after customer requests for a shirt honoring the black suffragette movement.

We can’t value something like voting without knowing the struggles that got women the right to vote. History is such an important part of giving weight and substance to what we have. The right to vote was long fought for by women of all colors. This shirt honors these black women who fought for the right to be heard and represented. We weren’t given the right to vote, it was fought for. That’s an important thing to remember.

We still have a long way to go but going out and voting is one simple way to make a difference. A simple way is an understatement because our foremothers fought so hard to get us to this point. When you vote, you honor these brave women who had to fight violence, discrimination, and hatred. You not only vote for yourself but you vote for them. Please don’t take that right for granted. All of our shirts honor those women who stood and fought.

I’m going to list the women on this shirt but I suggest that you do some research on who these ladies were. A good place to start is and then you can fall into a rabbit hole of links to learn more about the movement and the many women who fueled it.

Mary Church Terrell
Charlotte Forten Grimke
Ida B. Wells
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Sojourner Truth
Anna Julia Haywood Cooper
Nannie Helen Burroughs
Elizabeth Piper Einsley

A portion of the proceeds from all of our vote shirts will be going to the Dallas chapter of Girls, Inc.
It’s a wonderful organization that grooms future female leaders and is inclusive.