I Dream of Flowers Scarf/Stole

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Size: One size

A riotous, painterly celebration of art and the natural
world, this exquisite scarf is all at once romantic,
ethereal, and so so cool.
Inspired by the romance of European flower
markets, we created this airy piece using a masterful
oil painting from the early 1600's by artist Jan
Brueghel, and an ink drawing of bumblebees we
found in a Victorian insect encyclopedia.
After so many requests from our wonderful
customers, we're thrilled to introduce scarves to our
lineup! We've modelled the size and weight after
our favourite vintage French scarves to create chic,
easy to wear designs for every day use. Wear them
wrapped once around the neck, tucked in to a
jacket, or tied in the hair. Crafted from soft viscose,
the fabric is a lighter, airier weight than our kimonos,
with the same beautifully soft feel. 

Pure bamboo / wood viscose. Handwash, hang to
68cm x 155cm.